Keep Writing those Cover Letters

So with all the brevity online with Twitter and emails, maybe the wordy one page or multi-paragraph email cover letter is as archaic as the typewriter.   An online resume is more than enough, right? 

No so, according to study developed by OfficeTeam and conducted by an independent research firm.  The firm interviewed 150 randomly chosen senior executives at top coporations.  Executives said cover letters were very valuable (23%) or somewhat valuable (63%) and only 14% said not valuable at all.

In addition, your competitors are sending cover letters, as 80% of the execs said cover letters were either very or somewhat common.   

You can check out the the full news release on the OfficeTeam site.


Keep Writing those Cover Letters — 3 Comments

  1. Cover letters are especially important as they may be the only correspondence that gets read. Think about headlines in stories. If it does not grab your attention, you move on.

  2. I feel cover letters have their own importance for it reads out the outline of the resume well before we get into the details. I totally agree with the comments made by Dr.Shaun

  3. Agree with above comments. In a time when social media is growing, we know the sense of a personal, human contact is important and resumes alone don’t give that at all. Cover letter at least adds a bit of that dimension.