The Emerging Social Media–Visual Resume/Portfolio Trend

As with everything else in the career and job search front, the expectations keep rising for what you can or should do online.  That’s apparently becoming true of resumes.  There are many sites to post your resume, usually with a variety of standard but helpful templates.  You also can easily post your resume with a URL that at least includes your name. 

Most sites still offer pretty standard looking examples and templates that seem helpful but not much different from resumes 20 years ago (except they are online).  But there are also newer options to consider like more dynamic pages, with more photos, live links, examples of your work.

Graphics designers and artists have quite a number of sites for portfolios, but to extend this concept to the rest of us is what’s emerging now.

Some call it the social media resume, though this can mean anything from listing your Facebook URL to extensive use of YouTube video links, audio, links to blogs and other profiles, RSS feeds and even the chance to track visitors to your resume through Google Analytics.

They blur the line, if there is one, between a qualifications resume and your own website or blog or page on Squidoo or HubPages.  In fact, people also use social media bios when not looking for work as such, but to have a presence for selling services, products, or just being ready for someone to notice.  People use their blogs soley for this, rather than ongoing posts.

Check out a couple of the visual or social media resume services for yourself here and here, for example.  Here’s a link to a brief blog post about what to be careful about when relying on social media for job searches. 

What do you think?  What’s your experience with online resumes, social media resumes?  Feelings about this trend?  Stories?

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The Emerging Social Media–Visual Resume/Portfolio Trend — 1 Comment

  1. I would have to say the Social Media Resume is going to be the job application of the future. Eventually a job seeker will walk into an interview, and instead of handing over a copy of his or her resume, instead will hand the interviewer a business card with their online resume portfolio. And why not? A job seeker can show more of what they are about with a online resume portfolio as opposed to the single page paper resume. is an excellent example of what a social media resume can be all about. It encompasses all of Web 2.0 with online resume, photos, videos, chats, groups, forums, blogs, instant messaging and social networking.