I’m Smart, Competent–Why Would I Need a Career Life Coach?

Here’s a very fast 3 question quiz to help answer that question:

Being smart and competent will certainly help you during coaching, but it doesn’t tell you whether or not you need a career life coach.  That boils down to 3 questions:

1. Are you eager to go to work, usually feeling passionate and fulfilled in your job and career?

  • If you answered no, go on to number 2. 

2. Do you know what new career/job you would like instead?

  • If no, think about coaching.  If yes, that’s great, and now go on to 3.

3. Are you making progress toward you ideal career as fast and effectively as you’d like?

  • If no, think about coaching.

If you answered yes on 1 OR 2 AND yes on 3, you probably don’t need coaching.

© 2005–2008 by Leonard Lang

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