Within 6 months of taking your lifework program, I had organized and founded a $250,000 statewide partnership for youth tobacco prevention… Because of your program, it is much easier pursuing passions and dreams, turning visions into actions.
-Rick Bernardo

I was pleasantly surprised how Leonard was able to help me in the course of one 30 minute session. He asked me questions that quickly got to the issue and background of my situation. Leonard was able to quickly assess and understand my situation to offer advice that was very helpful and fit the situation.
-J. Allen, Learning and Development Consultant

I have found a career that brings me great satisfaction and is a perfect alignment with my values. I don’t know that I would have recognized this as my “dream job” if I hadn’t taken Leonard’s lifework course.
-Angie Arnold

In a short period of time as Leonard’s coaching client, using his thought-provoking exercises, I was able to determine a major new career for myself, one that I really wanted, and I was able to take the necessary steps to begin that important change.
-Wendy Frytak

I’ve tried several different careers, never feeling like I’d found the right fit. I started working with Leonard with a lot of general information about what I wanted but not a clue how to put that together into a plan to move forward. After working through his process, I have direction and feel I’ve finally found something that will “stick”. Especially helpful for me was Leonard’s Ideal Day exercise, which allowed me to consider different options at a very detailed level, and I’m now excited to work towards making my “Ideal Day” a reality.
-Missy I.

Leonard’s “Lifework” book and coaching are just the thing to start and sustain forward momentum. His approach is straightforward and focused but also inspired by creativity and fun. I’ve learned more about what really motivates me, created a lifework mission statement, and develop a practical career advancement plan. Leonard is a great coach!
-J Berg

I needed a boost to proceed with my goals. Your course gave me a power boost!
-Erik Larson

I credit your Lifework process with helping me identify the skills I most enjoy using, the type of organization I would like to work for, and to think creatively about how I might combine the two.
-Richard Wells

Thanks again for the coaching help, Leonard. Your strategies definitely help me stay unstuck. Every time I feel confused, I go back and look at my mindmaps or I create a new one. Every time I work with these tools I feel a new surge of positive energy and start to move forward.
-Jillian Lay

Leonard was my “professional success partner” and well worth the expense!… His insightful comments and questions helped me to get unstuck and move through my fears.
-Kathleen Bennett